Our energy purchasing team delivers thousands of purchasing contracts every year, providing small and major businesses with affordable energy deals. Our track records show that we provided clients with cost effective energy solutions that are way ahead than the market.

We provide advice on how to purchase energy without the added costs of fees. Our energy contracts are customized and do not fall into a one-size fits all category to ensure that maximum and optimum service is delivered to our clients.


Options that optimize your energy price

At WeCompete Energy, our clients have total control of their energy. Our process is simple, we monitor the energy market while you focus on growing your business.


Clients with similar profiles are aggregated as one to increase purchasing power. Although this aggregation is traded as one portfolio, each client maintains their individual energy strategy.


Rather than businesses competing to get the best possible energy deals, WeCompete Energy offers auctions - we promote suppliers competing for your business. With this, you get the best prices possible.


Formulating Strategies

Our approach is collaborative, we work closely with you to fully understand your business. You will receive updates on recent news about the energy market and how this is advantageous for your business.

Fixed Purchasing

Contacts that protect you from market volatility

Our fixed purchasing contracts secures your footing on the energy market by locking in on a fixed price for the duration of your contract. There are several reasons why a fixed contract is advantageous for your business. Aside from being the most comprehensive approach to bulk purchasing of energy, our fixed purchasing contracts allow you to forecast your energy expenses. Our dedicated team of experts will monitor the energy markets for you so you can focus on managing your business.

Flexible Purchasing

Contacts that give you full flexibility in pricing.

Our company is teeming with experts who would work with you to understand your visions. We will come up with a strategy that would align your budget and your objectives. We will keep you in the loop with the latest movements in the market because our processes are centered on excellence and transparency. Our flexible purchasing contracts gives clients access to the best possible energy prices.