Make Purchasing Easy

Energy purchasing is hard, our updated system makes it easy. We go the extra mile to provide clients with competitive pricing, price security and energy savings.

Increase Buying Power

We aggregate clients with the same profiles into a single account to increase purchasing power. This gives us and our clients leverage allowing us to purchase energy at lower rates.

Maximize Potential Savings

Our approach protects clients from market volatility. By keeping a close eye on the energy market we can anticipate possible threats and prepare for sudden changes in supply and pricing.

Auction Client Requirements

Presenting client energy requirements to several suppliers encourages competition. When suppliers compete over your business, prices tend to go lower and lower.

Keep Clients Updated

It’s easy to get updates when there’s only one point-of-contact. At WeCompete Energy, we stay on the same page with our clients. They receive point-to-point updates through every step of our process.

How We Increase Your Purchasing Power


Apply via our online application form. You may talk to one of our specialists at (844) 937-7727 for assistance.


Submit application with most recent
utility bill - Electric, Natural Gas or both.


You enter our purchasing process, where an expert evaluates, market conditions and and your utility bill while competing over 50 suppliers.


You are provided an energy purchasing
analysis that allows you to determine a
sustainable purchasing strategy.


We work with to execute the contract