Busting Myths About Smart Meters

May 16, 2018 | Alexandra Degala

Smart meters are new generation devices that are meant to provide digital, real-time data about your energy consumption. Like everything that’s new, business owners are not very receptive to it.

Smart meters, like traditional meters, measure your energy consumption. The difference is, it measures your consumption in real-time and provides you with a reading anytime you want. The readings are sent over via WiFi or any mobile network to your supplier, eliminating the need for estimates. Because of how they function, smart meters leverage your business. They accurately monitor and reduce energy consumption, they give accurate monthly energy bills,  and they improve the energy system.

Misinformation often subdues the improvements and benefits brought by smart meters. These new devices are paving the way for a more efficient energy system. It’s time to bust myths about smart meters to improve the dynamics of how the energy system works.


Sorting out facts from fiction

Businesses can make great leaps in their efficiency with the help of smart meters, but they can’t do it because misinformation is preventing them from availing of one. Here are a few of those:

  1. Smart meters can easily be hacked. The same with anything that involves computers and data transfer, the most feared rumor about getting smart meters involves security. Caution is always advised with anything that is put online. Smart meters, however, have to comply with strict standards prescribed by the government. Data stored and sent by the meter are fully encrypted. In fact, these data are more protected than the ones utilized for online banking. Except for your energy consumption, they record nothing more. The meters can send meter readings to your supplier on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your preference.

  2. It will cost me more on my energy bill. All improvements by your energy distributor and supplier are charged on your monthly bill. The same goes for your energy meters. However, it will only be an insignificant increase. The installation of a smart meter will not cost a penny. Even traditional energy meters must be replaced on a regular basis, and that is also carried over on your energy bill. In installing a smart meter, there is assurance of benefits that will outweigh the expense.

  3. I have to lose business days when I install one. Business owners often forego the installation of a smart meter because they fear they might lose a couple of business days. Installing a smart meter will not require you to close your business, it will require you to turn off your energy for 20-30 minutes for safety purposes. If that does not work for your business, you can request for installation at a time that is more convenient.

  4. Smart meters pose health risks. Critics say that smart meters emit radioactive waves. Understanding how smart meters work disproves this myth. Smart meters transfer data or readings much like a text message. Our daily exposure to computers and mobile devices cause more harm to ourselves than smart meters.


WeCompete Energy wants the best deals for our clients and the most efficient means to maximize those deals - a smart meter is the device that can get this done. If you have more questions about getting a smart meter or if you need an energy supplier uses and installs smart meters, you can reach out to us at +1 (844) 937-7727 or contact@wecompeteenergy.com.