Tips for Saving Energy During Holidays

May 19, 2018 | Alexandra Degala

Business takes days off, too! Energy consumption, however, does not. Some appliances and equipment still consume energy even when not in use. Your office may take a break, but your energy use can continue running, even without you around.

Energy consumed during holidays count as unnecessary operational expenditures. Reduce this to lessen energy wastage and increase your savings. Here are some tips for saving energy during holidays.

  1. Get energy saving bulbs. It cannot be helped that some of the lighting in your office building should be left on for security reasons. Change your halogen light bulbs into LED bulbs so you can reduce energy consumption. LED bulbs are more efficient compared to their halogen counterparts. Shifting to LED has been reported to decrease energy consumption by 10-20%. LEDs are a little bit expensive. Replace the light bulbs that are most likely to be left on during holidays. Optimize your lighting systems further by installing a timer switch. It is a device that allows you to program several time slots for when lights should come on and off.

  2. Unplug all devices. All devices draw in a little electricity when they are plugged in, even when they are not in use. Unplugging your gadgets and appliances is a basic energy and practical energy saving tip. Individually, the impact of disconnecting devices is minimal, but if everybody in the office makes a habit out of this, a noticeable dropped might be reflected in the monthly energy bill.

  3. Give the fridge a break. The office pantry is an excellent place to reduce energy usage for the holidays. Microwaves and coffee makers should be unplugged before the office closes. Refrigerators consume a lot of electricity, especially if they are full. Days before the holidays, consume food products and beverages that would spoil even when refrigerated such as fruits, salads, and milk. Don’t keep the temperature at max, if possible, purchase a fridge thermometer so you can adjust the dial to just the right coldness. If your office is taking a long break, clear out the refrigerator, defrost it and leave it unplugged.

  4. Install a smart meter. Have you heard of smart meters? Like traditional meters they measure how much energy you consume. It is an improved version of the conventional meter, allowing consumers to view their consumption in real time. Smart meters make the monitoring of energy use easier and more convenient. Have your energy supplier install a smart meter so you can observe areas where you can decrease consumption and improve energy efficiencies.


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